Road trips should be the one thing on everyone's bucket list. If it is not on your bucket list, well… yah boring. If it is, welcome to the Cool Kids Club - although, chances are, if you are an avid reader of The Space in Time, you already are a part of the club.  

So, without any delay, we introduce The Ultimate Road-Trip Guide, where we have worked to comprise a list of five tips that will be critical when planning and embarking on your road trip.  

Tip #1: Plan
Needless to say, before starting your engines (both literally and metaphorically), planning such an occasion will not only save you a ton of time during your trip, but it will also ensure both maximum safety and maximum fun. For some, this step will be a never-ending stretch of tediousness, as for others, it will probably be one of the best parts. In this step, you will want to sort the following: 


Once you have decided on your destination, the next thing you will want to consider is the route. 

Google Maps is a great tool that will make this step a whole lot easier. 

Google Maps will offer several route options, while allowing you to insert stops along the way. To do so, click the addition icon on the left of "Add Destination". You can also reorder your destinations by dragging the circle icon. 

Google Map also allows you to not only share the itinerary that you have created via email; it also provides an option to print the map along with the directions for your travel. Once you have a rough idea about the trip's duration and scheduling, arranging transportation becomes a lot easier, whether you are using your vehicle or renting. It is also a good idea to plan a driving schedule. Though, it does not have to be a formal schedule, roughly planning out who will drive when will make things a lot easier when it comes time to hit the road.  

Tip #2: Rest!
Tip number two goes hand in hand with tip number one; it falls between planning for stops and scheduling. However, we have decided to give it its own stage-light to stress the importance of this step. According to U.S. News & Global Reports, driving sleepy can be as dangerous as drunk driving. So be sure to plan stops and make sleeping arrangements, whether you choose to book a motel or sleep in your car at designated Rest Stops. You can find a list of rest stops in Ontario by clicking the link at the end of the article. 

Tip #3: Vehicle Inspection 
Before Pilots lift-off and navigate a three-hundred-ton metal capsule through the air, they go over a checklist and ensure the plane is fit to fly. Regardless of the situation, our safety is our number one priority. Although a plane is not our primary choice of transportation for a road-trip, it is equally essential that we inspect our vehicle and ensure that it is fit to drive. It is always recommended that you service your vehicle; however, if you have recently had it serviced, you can use our PDF (provided below) to go over the vehicle inspection checklist.  t. 

Tip #4: Pack the Essentials
Often, we get so focused on packing the small, easy-to-forget things that we end up forgetting the apparent stuff. We have all been there; where you arrive at your destination with your Sunday shorts and beach hat only to realize you forgot to pack your toothbrush. Similarly, there are certain essentials that may be easily overlooked such as a First Aid Safety Kit or a jerrycan (filled with gasoline). You will also want to ensure you have charging cables and a cigarette lighter receptacle to use in your vehicle. You can find our list of essentials in the downloadable PDF below. 

Tip #5: The Little Things 
Once you have ensured safety and sorted the road trip's technical aspect, next you will want to do the little things that will make your trip a memorable one. For example, creating a playlist to set the tone for your drive. If you are not singing along to the songs with your friends while driving, you might want to reconsider your playlist. Another aspect that will make or break this trip is snacks. Your snack game needs to be impeccable if you want to ensure the best road trip. I am talking sweet snacks, salty snacks, spicy snacks, and healthy snacks. To avoid becoming a dehydrated mess, you will also want to pack beverages like water, juice, soda, etc. You can include whatever you wish to pack to make the road trip unique to you.  

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that there are many more ways to plan your road trip, including Pebblar, CAA, etc. You will also want to check out Airbnb if you wish to book places to stay for the night to catch up on some rest. It is also important to remember to drive safely, responsibly, and abide by all rules and regulations. We also encourage you to check out our PDF checklist and print it for future reference. On that note, drive safe, have fun, and bon voyage! 
Bonus Tips:

•If you wish to go the extra mile, saving a few roadside assistance numbers is always a great idea 
•Share your plans, routes and timing with family and friends 
•Confirm your hotel reservations before you leave - a quick call or email is all it takes to be sure 
•Plan out where you will stop for fuel to avoid running out  
•Check the weather forecast for all areas you will be driving to

Ontario Rest Stop Map:

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